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Body Mesotherapy

We all know someone who would love to enjoy some beauty treatment – yet is afraid of needles… The good news is that there are effective new treatments nowadays that do not require the use of needles. No-needle Mesotherapy is one of them. It is a great alternative to painful injections and is successfully used for skin rejuvenation, body shaping and wrinkle reduction.

Over times, no-needle Mesotherapy has mostly replaced the traditional needle and micro-needle injections. Previously, doctors would perform injections – however there were some side effects due to the needle delivery process, like a very high abandonment rate and the pain and discomfort experienced by the patients. In addition to this, recovery time between treatments were too much which limited the success of the procedure – patients needed to wait to two to three weeks before attempting another treatment.

On the contrary, no-needle Mesotherapy provides a non-invasive transdermal delivery of nutritional formulas and active substances and eliminates unwanted side effects that needle Mesotherapy has. Its fantastic advantage is in fact that it delivers substances into the body at hypodermal and dermal levels without causing damage and injury to the epidermis.

  • Improves skin texture, reduces cellulite and aims in weight loss: through stimulating lymph drainage and skin metabolism, and improving blood circulation, reshapes the body effectively.

No-needle Mesotherapy can safely be used on the entire body and results are visible as soon as with the first treatment.