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Cellulite And Circumferential Reduction

Introducing NEW! Viora Reaction cellulite and circumferential reduction at Touch of Beauty! Viora Reaction is the most advanced, safe and effective way to dramatically reduce cellulite and tighten skin without surgery, downtime or pain. In fact, this treatment is so comfortable that many actually compare it to a heated massage!

Viora Reaction reduces fat cells and contours the upper thighs, buttocks and upper arms to give you tighter skin and a smoother, shapelier figure.

The skin layer, the deepest layer, contains your body’s fat and connective tissue. Cellulite forms in the subcutaneous layer, and is most prominent on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite forms when collagen weakens and combines with large fat cells and excessive fluid buildup (edema). Exercise and diet can only do so much to reduce once cellulite once it has formed. Liposuction and plastic surgery are expensive and require downtime with scars, but there is a safe, effective alternative. Viora Reaction, a non-surgical treatment using radio frequencies and vacuum therapy to contour cellulite-ridden areas and tighten sagging skin.

Reaction by Viora is a new device that offers three key treatments – skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and circumferential reduction.

How does this treatment work?
Viora Reaction works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin and fat tissue by utilizing CORE™ technology radiofrequency energy, which heats and contracts the layer of skin where cellulite resides. The increased temperature to the treatment area facilitates the breakdown of these fat cells, resulting in a major, noticeable shrinkage.

To combat cellulite and sculpt the body, the Viora REACTION™ can heat subcutaneous tissue layers, stimulating collagen production and strengthening the dermis. This treatment can also help protect the body against adipocytes while simultaneously stimulating lipolysis to reduce the volume of fat cells. Viora REACTION™’s 4th dimension, multi-channel mode can evenly and accurately distribute therapeutic heat and enhance blood circulation. Combined with the Viora REACTION™’s vacuum therapy, you can receive the benefits of effective cellulite treatment, body sculpting, and skin tightening all at the same time!

Is Viora Reaction cellulite reduction safe?
Reaction is the first and only FDA approved multi-channel radiofrequency cellulite reduction treatment. It is designed to treat those stubborn cellulite marks at the core, while strengthening existing collagen fibers.  The result is a more toned, firmer appearance to your skin.

How many treatments will I need?
For cellulite and circumferential reduction, 8 treatments are needed, scheduled one week apart. One maintenance treatment is recommended every 4-6 months after completion of the treatment plan.

Is this treatment painful?
While you may feel heat during this treatment, it is not painful or uncomfortable. Many compare it to a heated massage!