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Touch of Beauty provides the latest laser technology with the MeDioStar NeXT from Ascelpion Laser Technologies. MEDIOSTAR NEXT™ HAS BEEN THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEDICAL LASER AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET! It has been designed for patients who want to receive safe, efficient, clinically proved and pain free treatments.

Fiber bundle delivery ensures the flattest beam available. Contact skin cooling is performed by a peltier cooling chip which monitors skin temperature providing greater patient comfort than the standard sapphire cooling system for laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal is helping to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Moreover, it’s doing it faster, more reliably and more comfortably than other standard methods like electrolysis, shaving and tweezing.  Mediostar Next™ is a synonym for safe and efficient hair removal, even for darker skin types!!!

What are the Advantages of the MeDioStar NeXT System?
– long-lasting results
– comfort and safety
– no pain!!!
– improved skin elasticity

What differentiates Mediostar Next laser from other lasers?
– The only laser that can treated darker skin types
– The only laser removing blond, fair, red and grey hair
– The only laser that has a patented contact-cooling hand piece that helps to cool the skin and reduce pain
–  The MeDioStar NeXT is one of the most powerful high-speed laser hair removal devices on the market today, the XL model is able to treat an entire average male back in around 5 minutes! The device’s dual wavelength combines with smooth pulse technology to quickly and comfortably treat a wide range of skin concerns.


– underarms
– upperarm
– forearms
– full arms
– nipples
– stomach
– navel area
– lower back
– bikini ( 4 types of bikini line)
– upper leg
– lower legs
– full legs
– feet

– full beard
– back of neck
– front of neck
– sholders
– full arms
– upper back
– upper chest
– upper arms
– forearm
– full arms
– chest and stomach
– upper leg
– lower lef
– full leg
– feet