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Removal Treatment of Capilaries

Touch of Beauty provides laser treatment of dilated blood vessels including spider veins and cutaneous hemangiomas using the latest laser technology MeDioStar NeXT.

Broken capillaries are most common on the skin of the face, where the skin is exposed to daily environmental toxins and chemicals from makeup, facial treatments, and other damaging factors.

During laser treatment, light pulses are sent into the veins, which impede their blood flow and eventually destroys them. After several treatments, the affected veins collapse away from the surface of the skin, leaving it smooth and blemish-free.

The laser pulses that penetrate the skin to destroy the veins cause mild snapping sensations, but no aftercare is needed and most patients can go about their daily activities without restrictions.

After the treatment is advised to use a very high protection cream, such as 50 SPF or above.