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Rhonda – Medical Peel

We are proud to say that our wide range of services also includes treatments with Rhonda Allison cosmetics!

    Rhonda Allison combines the best natural ingredients with scientifically formulated compounds that are extremely beneficial for the skin. All this in order to obtain the extraordinary care properties that change the condition of the skin in such a way that it receives everything it needs to maintain health and beauty. Rhonda Allison offers a professional line of cosmeceuticals designed especially for aesthetic treatments. these are personalized and highly effective treatments.

    Rhonda Allison is a cosmetic company established in 1990, founded in the United States. Its founder for 30 years of activity, developed a brand that collects positive opinions and recognition around the world, specializing in professional cosmetics that have gained the recognition of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists and beauticians. The brand’s products are cosmetics that combine selected natural ingredients with revolutionary scientifically developed formulas. Cosmetics include acids and chemical peels, which give extraordinary effects, used both in professional beauty salons and at home. Positive opinions of specialists in the field of skin care have gained not only acids that help fight acne-prone skin, but also serums with vitamins, which visibly nourish the skin immediately, giving it a radiant and youthful appearance. Rhonda Allison products are safe to use even for pregnant and lactating women. They all contain ingredients based on FDA certificates. Clinically tested, with a unique formula, the brand’s cosmetics give spectacular effects for acne-prone, dry, sensitive skin or those requiring intensive nourishment. The brand’s cosmetics include, among others serum for acne-prone skin, but at the same time sensitive to any irritation, with salicylic acid, strongly exfoliating and allowing for a quick renewal of the epidermis. Cosmetics by Rhonda Allison are also revolutionary rejuvenating treatments, which in a non-invasive but visible way reduce mimic wrinkles, give the skin glow and restore its natural color. The reduction of wrinkles reaches up to 52 percent and is visible after the first treatment.


      • A wide range of enzymatic and chemical peels.
      • The products contain an ingredient based on FDA certificates.
      • Clinically tested treatment formulas.
      • Unique formulas of chemical and enzymatic peels.

Purifying And Enzymatic Peel
    This peel is reserved for skin with uneven color, with discoloration, gray and tired appearance. Blend active enzymes, for all skin types smoothes, softens and removes dead cells, moisturizes and improves absorption active ingredients. Can be used on sensitive and vascular faces. Your skin will get a new glow and healthier look.

Stimulating Medical Peel
    A progresive treatment for the skin with the first sign of aging, visible mimings wrinkles, looseness of skin and excessively damaged by sunlight.You will experience strong cleansing and moisturising effects. You will keep the younger one skin in a perfect shape for a long time. The enzyme will fight the damage caused by the presence of water radicals.Included in the treatment acid stimulate the production of ceramides, protects and moisturizes. Give your skin look much younger and smoother.

Clinical Problematic Skincare Peel
    The treatment is anti-inflammatory, exfoliating and draining papular and blackhead acne. It is intended for every skin type, with enlarged pores, including delicate, exposed to change temperature and stress.This innovatie treatment will brighten up discoloration, it will help reduce scarring of pustules, minimize blood vessels and redness. A strong dose of acids causes skin peeling up after 7 days after treatment, tenderness and sensitivity for the first 2 days.