2 Carroll's Quay, Cork City.

021 455 1765


Unit 1 Village Green, Church Rd. Douglas Cork.

021 485 7958

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      Welcome to the home of innovative tanning equipment and safe tanning solutions. From the moment you visit our salon you will notice the difference. We offer our customers 5 sun-beds in City Centre and 6 sun-beds in Douglas, and a choice of both stand up and lie down tanning beds. We maintain them at all times to the highest hygiene standards. We also investing heavily in our sunbeds and always fallow the manufactures’ s guidelines for a bulbs replacement so that you will achieve the best results from your session. We typically change our bulbs when they have reached 70% of their capacity so your tan doesn’t suffer from weaker UV rays. Whats more, an assistant is always on hand to provide the best advice when it comes to all aspects of tanning. Our staff will show you the sunbeds, explain the differences, and give you a full explanation of the controls. We also stock a wide range of accelerator creams and SPF lotions.

Sunbeds in Douglas Cork
Sunbeds in Cork City Centre