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Yonelle Facials

Yonelle Facials - Touch of Beauty Cork Douglas

Innovative Cosmetic Brand

    Yonelle cosmetics and treatments provide above-average effects by improving the penetretion of active ingredients into the skin. They are based on the latest discoveries and scientific researches, impressive experience and knowledge of world cosmetology trends. The brand also uses interdisciplinary knowledge from the borderline of medicine, pharmacy and biology.

Brand Ideas
    ” It isn’t an art to apply all the latest anti-wrinkle active ingredients in cosmetics. What is an art is ensuring that they penetrate the epidermal barrier, which is generally impermeable. That way they can be effective. This is the greatest challenge of 21st century cosmetology”

Yonelle Facials - Touch of Beauty Cork Douglas

S.O.S Beauty Treatment
    This non-invasive and needle free facial is used to regenerate the skin and boost collagen production using NANODISC technology cosmetics infused with CBD, Amino acids, hyaluronic acids and peptides. The results will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.

Exclusive beauty facial
    Yonelle cosmetics have all the features of cosmeceuticals. A carefully thought out collaboration of products containing therapeutic doses of biologically active substances, often found in aesthetic medicine eg. retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acids, vitamins etc. Thanks to exfoliating substances this vitamin cocktail intensively moisturises, firms and tightens the skin’s appearance offering further attention to the clients hands, neck and décolletage.

Royal pamper package
    This innovative and personalized pamper package is designed and tailored by our therapist to improve and increase the penetration of active substances into the skin with the use of biological, chemical and physical methods that work collectively in order to achieve optimal results. With over-coming as many as 14 layers of epidermal cells, this treatment increases retinol penetration by as much as 340%. We use a range of different tools and cosmetics in conjunction with a variety of aesthetic treatments for instance mesotherapy, PDO threads, microneedling and carboxytherapy ensuring that each of our treatments are unique and personalised for each client. At the end of this facial you will be gifted your very own active serum and derma roller for longer lasting results in the comfort of your own home